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As a physician in Canada you run a complex practice dedicated to providing your patients with the best possible care. But you also run a business, with many of the same challenges, risks and concerns shared by other business owners. A ScotiaMcLeod Wealth Advisor understands the issues you face and is positioned to help you make the most of your practice. Our service is tailored to meet the financial needs of busy medical professionals like you. The pressure of a successful practice too often means there is little time to address financial and business concerns. We work around your busy schedule to ensure your needs and objectives come first.

The growing burden on our health care system and the constant patient pressure leaves Canadian doctors little time to tend to financial issues. It’s time to ask the question: Who is looking after your financial health?

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Ready for a Second Opinion?

Your investment portfolio should be made up of 100% good advice.

  • Do you know what investments you own and why?
  • Are you worried about your retirement savings?
  • How recently was portfolio rebalanced?

If your investor confidence has been shaken over the last 2 years, a Second Opinion could be the best financial decision you’ve made in a long time.

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Our goal is secure our clients’ financial future, allowing Canadian physicians to focus on what they do best - treating Canadians.

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